Bas-relief carved panel King David harp Israel magnifying glass adorns walnut XVII

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Great sculpture in bas-relief panel (walnut and burl veneer ash) * representing King David playing the harp, the XVIIth century.

This sculpture is in good condition. This is certainly an old closet door.

A note: some wear and minor cracks in the veneer, some small gaps around the perimeter, missing index king time wear, see photos.

* David

is a character from the Bible, the second king of Israel, is presented in the biblical narrative, with his son Solomon, as one of the founders of the ancient Jewish State. The tradition traces its reign in the tenth century BC. J.-C.2, that archaeological discoveries of the early 1990s tend to corroborate. According to the Bible, it is called alongside to soothe King Saul of his songs (David played the harp to render service to the king. He will continue to practice his art throughout his life, making it a subject of iconography). He routs the enemy defeating the giant Philistine Goliath with his slingshot. Became the hero of Israel, it attracts jealousy and vindictiveness of Saul, had to flee and took the lead guerrillas. After the death of Saul, David is "anointed" king of Judah and the king of Israel. At the head of the kingdom and his army, he defeated the enemies of Israel conquered Jerusalem - where it transfers the Ark of the Covenant - and founded a vast kingdom stretching from the borders of Egypt to the Euphrates, opening an era of prosperity and peace for Israel.

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  • Dimensions totale 26,2 cm x 32,7 cm / panneau sculpté 10,8 cm x 14,8 cm