Pair consoles of wooden carved wood heads antifreezes putti foliage XIX

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Pair of large consoles * of carved wooden (pine) applique, decorated with two heads of angels and foliage, from the 19th century.

These consoles are in good general condition and are of high quality. Trace of gilding on trays.

To note: a piece of sheet has been repaired on a console, a piece of the side is split and weakened (will surely to be pasted), some slots and wear of time, well look at the photos (cf red arrows).

* Called "brackets of brackets", the brackets are often placed against a woodwork, a pillar, between two windows or two doors. Under Napoleon III, the consoles are seen to be reborn with important vegetable ornaments. (extract from the Larousse Dictionary of Antiquities and Flea Market).

Data sheet

  • Dimensions plateau 32 cm x 23,5 cm
  • Height 42 cm
  • Depth totale 30,5 cm