Couverts trois fouchettes et trois cuillères argent massif poinçon minerve XIXème

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Lot of three cutlery in sterling silver, punch Minerva (1st title), goldsmith Cardeilhac and Christofle *, vintage late nineteenth century.

These cutlery are in good condition, stamped see photos.

Note: wear and tear of time and use (see photos), tiny scratches and dirt, micro scratches of use and time (see photos).

* Christofle

is a French goldsmith brand, founded in 1830 by Charles Christofle. His master goldsmith's dies are deposited in 1845, date of the first manufacture of "goldsmith's silver". At the end of the 19th century, the Christofle house now produces silver-plated objects. In 1851, the Emperor Napoleon III commissioned all the official table services of the Empire at Christofle. From the second half of the nineteenth century, Christofle also became the supplier of ministries, embassies, parliaments around the world, but also luxury hotels, shipping companies and railways, both French and foreign. Although specialized in silver metal, silver and gilding by electroplating, Christofle offered most of its models in solid silver, especially under the brand Cardeilhac, goldsmith company bought in 1950. The current company retains a workshop for massive silver that produces high quality works.

Data sheet

  • Longueur cuillères 21.5 cm fourchettes 20.5 cm
  • Weight 580 g